I've always needed to tinker, to fiddle, to touch things and materials. It's a need that's all the more important because it creates a balance with my other profession in the digital world where I work as a VFX supervisor.
I started out a long time ago restoring old bicycles. The passion for old bikes has always remained with me, but I stoped this activity so that I could devote myself fully to creating knives. In 2022, I created my own brand "Les couteaux de Ron" available today in several stores in Brussels.
Knife making brings together my love for materials such as metal, wood and leather, where I can express all my creativity. That's why each knife I create is unique, and despite a template that I can reuse, the knife will always drift in shape and colors according to my inspiration and your wishes.
Although I occasionally have a few knives in stock at the workshop, there's no "click to buy" button on the site, as most of my knives are custom-made to suit your style and needs. 

But if you'd like to buy a knife from me, let's get in touch and discuss your dream knife.